Total Office Coaching.

From the Salesperson starting up a Real Estate business to those Principals working on their own and wishing to develop a team, we have the manager’s support membership.

For those managers stuck in a rut with themselves and three other salespeople who already have a business turning over up to 1.5 million and are looking to grow a super office we have the support membership for you.

And for the successful Real Estate Office turning over 3 million plus we have the right membership for you business and team.

These systems are the basis for you taking your business to whatever level you want!!

Systems, support and training which allows the freedom to ‘still be you’. The systems designed by Real Training International can assist in getting you out of the rut and on your way to reaching your next goal at whatever stage you are at. Many of Real Training International clients felt just the same way until they started using the ideas and systems avaliable now.

Telling you ‘ what to do’ is great for a few days. Unlike a lot of other one-off courses and seminars this programme is on going with thousands of pages of actual ‘How To’ information to back you up in your quest for the next level. That information is further backed up by a team of professionals who can point you in the right direction at any stage of your growth.

Have you ever wondered how to move on from any of these?

  • You are a good salesperson and want to be a great manager?
  • You are trapped by the team you currently have.
  • Growth seems too hard and yet you know the business is out there.
  • You are number 4,5,or 6 in your area and the top players seem to get it all.
  • You are not getting called in for Listing Appraisals & when you do you lose?
  • You are growing but need systems behind you to support more growth?
  • You are at 1 million turnover, there is room to grow, you are working hard right now and the thought of going even harder seems outrageous.
  • No time for yourself.

‘Authenticity is important to Real Training International. We are interested in growing YOU!’

It is more than just a set of systems focusing on the turnover and bottom line of your business! It also focuses on making sure you get to do the other things in life that a thriving business should allow you to do. Your family’s life enjoyment and your peace of mind is paramount and the systems you put in place should allow more choice as to what you do with your time.

As we say: -“there is not much point making hundreds of thousands of dollars and not having people around you to share it with”.

When you are working with Real Training it is an integral part of the system that you get more out of life as a result of your re-focused work. Part of the system is ‘Drawing a Line in the Sand’ and getting control back of your office so that you can drive it forward.

Magic happens when the leader has a clear vision that is authentically theirs and it is announced to the team.

This all starts with you and what it is that you came into the business for? Why are you here? The clarity on this is a fundamental part of the management programme. All of the systems are easy to implement as they have been designed after consultation with the most important person in all of this, that is your customer.

Real Training International has run focus groups with vendors and purchasers and literally ‘asked them’ what they want. All of the brilliant and effective systems are aimed at getting these people back into your office time and time again.

The future is about CHOICE. There is a whole generation coming up behind us that will not be told what to do but is looking to be informed as to the options and will definitely make their own mind up as to what is best for them.