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  • Script about why to price at market value

    Not so much a script but a great one-liner I picked up in Perth. “I had the house on the market for four months – three months to get the price right and one month to sell it.”

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  • Can we as an industry pleeease stop bragging about ourselves?

    I am so sick of reading profiles, adds, billboards, pre listing kits where all we do is go on and on about ourselves. Try reading your own staff profiles. Flick though their pre-listing kits. Every single agency has lost the plot in this regard. We need to look at things from the customers side and […]

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  • Training & Coaching Solutions

    • Scripts Club

      Scripts Club

      The ultimate total coaching and training website available. 100's of audios, videos, role plays. Prospecting ideas to use and grow with.

    • qs-service

      Quickstart Solutions – Getting Into Real Estate

      The most comprehensive on line training system to register, train and mentor new sales people is Quickstart.

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