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  • A plan for sustained growth

    A financial exercise for sustained growth New video – examine the 12 months of the past year and see the pattern of highs and lows. How can you turn all months into good ones? Work out your plan for sustained growth. See it in the Coaching Cafe.

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  • Video about authenticity

    Video on authenticity New video up about authenticity and values – running your business your way. See it in the Coaching Cafe.

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  • Video – schedule in time at home

    Managing time at home A comment on how busy we are all getting! Important to schedule in that time at home.  Watch it in the Coaching Cafe.

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  • Video about overusing letters

    Stop hiding behind letters Watch this video about not sending letters when you should call or visit. See it in the Coaching Cafe in Scripts Club.

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  • Personal notes video

    Personal notes Peter explains why personal notes are an essential part of your conversations. See it in the Coaching Cafe at Scripts Club.

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  • New videos on prospecting

    Three new videos on prospecting These are: Digging deeper at open days – actual scripts for getting more information at your open days. Three parts to marketing – Peter gives you an interesting overview on how to look at conversations. Great buyer follow-up – a brilliant way to follow up on buyers after open days. To […]

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  • Volume creates Volume

    Generate activity in volume. Peter talks about strategies that are working at the moment. The first one is the idea that this is the only market in which you can take all listings. Taking on board more listings in this market can maximize your sales probability and benefit from a greater amount of exposure which […]

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  • Training & Coaching Solutions

    • Scripts Club

      Scripts Club

      The ultimate total coaching and training website available. 100's of audios, videos, role plays. Prospecting ideas to use and grow with.

    • qs-service

      Quickstart Solutions – Getting Into Real Estate

      The most comprehensive on line training system to register, train and mentor new sales people is Quickstart.

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