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  • Website content changes

    Welcome to RTI Australia. New content, and changing information is taking place. Use our business website to access all our expert products and services. Scriptsclub Getting Into Real Estate Quickstart Seminars Coaching For Sales People and Managers in Real Estate.

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  • Can we as an industry pleeease stop bragging about ourselves?

    I am so sick of reading profiles, adds, billboards, pre listing kits where all we do is go on and on about ourselves. Try reading your own staff profiles. Flick though their pre-listing kits. Every single agency has lost the plot in this regard. We need to look at things from the customers side and […]

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  • Volume creates Volume

    Generate activity in volume. Peter talks about strategies that are working at the moment. The first one is the idea that this is the only market in which you can take all listings. Taking on board more listings in this market can maximize your sales probability and benefit from a greater amount of exposure which […]

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  • “A Glossary of Terms”

    Here is a glossary of web, social media and general online terms you might find helpful as you grow your online presence. Download the PDF here.

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  • Two things top earners do

    As a coach I spend a lot of time talking to some of the best managers and sales people on the planet. There are two things I have noticed about top performers that we can learn from straight away. 1).  They call it how it is. They have a directness about them that leaves no […]

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  • The number one script to grow your business. And it’s easy to learn.

    A lot of people ask me what the number one thing is they could do to grow their business. It’s clear to me and it carries on from my last blog. It is so easy to do and yet not many master the script at all!! The best use it so they do not end […]

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  • Here are some questions and exercises you might like to do whilst you are away during this Christmas break.

    A few of my clients have said they are going away and always enjoy the time to reflect. What went well for you this year? What did not go well for you this year? What would you do differently if you could re – do something? Did the year turn out the way you wanted, […]

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  • Training & Coaching Solutions

    • Scripts Club

      Scripts Club

      The ultimate total coaching and training website available. 100's of audios, videos, role plays. Prospecting ideas to use and grow with.

    • qs-service

      Quickstart Solutions – Getting Into Real Estate

      The most comprehensive on line training system to register, train and mentor new sales people is Quickstart.

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